8 Lovely Contemporary Family Home with Stunning Garden View

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The lovely contemporary family home with stunning garden view ideas will make you have some choices. When you want to build your house, you will need more references for every room. Each side of your home is essential, so you must create it for the best to make your family feel comfortable staying at home. To have the room design, you can decide the theme first. After that, you can search for the references that related, and you can select some furniture.

The dining room with a stunning garden view is not difficult to build when you design it from the beginning. You can create a dining room near the family room with contemporary themes. You can set the family room with a rectangle glass window that has a black line. To make it comfortable, you can select the sofa with a pillow. Then you can put rattan chairs with a little table to make you see the stunning garden with a cup of coffee.

On the other side of the family room, you can have the hanging shelf. It will allow you to put some requirements. At the space of the shelf, you can set the photograph. It also will be able when you want to take a television. Then for the floor, you can select the wooden or ceramics. You also can put a carpet with a dark color.

The dining room that designed near the family room still has a stunning garden view. With a contemporary design, you can choose a simple wood table. For the chairs, you can create it with wood materials too. To make it still have a contemporary idea, you can choose white chairs. Then, for the wall, you can select white as the color. You can set the dining room with a white hanging lamp. At the dining table, you can put some flowers. You can select the carpet with silver color for the dining room floor.

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