55+ Marvelous Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas On a Budget

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Before buying a studio apartment, you must have understood the design of a very minimalist space, right? Consists of one large room without a room divider and the only separate room is the bathroom.

As the most mini type among other apartment units, the maintenance costs of this type of studio will be lighter and more efficient, right? But you do have to be good at seeing empty gaps so that there is no redundant space.

The studio apartment has a variety of functions, like a bedroom, dining room, workspace as well as the living room. There are kitchen facilities in a studio apartment which are usually only separated by a cupboard or a bar table.

The advantage of having a studio apartment is that you can arrange it yourself with marvelous results using a low budget, how do you do it? That’s the key to remember, to create a minimalist workspace in the apartment.

Choose all the furniture that is minimalist so that it will not fill your room, but even so, don’t fill the space without gaps because it will make your room design look more narrow. That, of course, will not provide comfort for you while on the move in the apartment.

Use a full-size mattress is worth filling for two people. A limited kitchen area is not an obstacle for not placing a refrigerator and washing machine that you can arrange in a row so that saving space.

Arrange the bathroom layout with a bathtub and toilet seat, add a mirror for the illusion of full space.

Don’t forget to provide a sofa in the studio apartment to provide comfort to guests who come. It is essential to note the arrangement of the couch for guests does not give a view of the privacy of the room to guests who come like straight to the bedroom or bathroom.

It does not cover the possibility. Studio apartments have a luxurious design by adding wall hangings such as paintings and photos so that they will add a little artistic value in the room.

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Sunni Joyner