50+ Amazing Black House Exterior

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Do you think that use black for your home exterior will make the house look gloomy? Many people might share the same thought about this color. However, black is not a strange color at all for home decoration. People love to use it often especially in their minimalist home interior design. Still, many of us will think twice to use black for our home exterior.

Of course, it is not forbidden to use black color for our home exterior but we must do it correctly for making sure that it will not ruin the look of our house. Before we can coat the home exterior with black, we need to make a proper plan about overall look of the house first.

We cannot just cover our home exterior in black color completely. It will not look attractive at all. If we can use the right color combination, our black house actually will stand out pretty well. In this circumstance, we can try to combine black and white with a touch of natural color. Black can be used for covering the wall while white can be used for coating the window panes for instance. Natural wood color of the patio wooden posts will make the total look of the house fabulous.

Wall texture will play a great role for increasing the attractiveness of the black wall. The home exterior covered with wooden plank will look magnificent when it is covered in black. The same thing works for the brick-exposed home exterior. The black exterior will not be boring at all with the texture of the wall.

We will never see the black house as a haunted mansion any longer if we do the right thing. Do not leave the house exterior all black. We need to add color accent and wall texture to make the overall look of the black house unique and attractive.

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