48+ Marvelous Shabby Chic Living Room Brick Wall Decoration Ideas

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A living room can be a room which provides the coziest area, in which all of your family members and friends can gather together. The existence of a fireplace, fur, and some green plants can give the atmosphere of a cozy living room. And the adding of stone and also the brick wall can give the stunning impression for your living room décor.

The adding of the bricks materials for your wall can create the area which is joyful and cozy, in spite of the design of the style that you already been chosen. Even you can also choose some brick wall style, colors, and style to apply in your living room decor. If you want to make an industrial style, then you can choose a strict dark grey theme or the shabby chic.

After choosing the industrial style, then you can add a fireplace and the walls that made from the brick to complete your living room décor. The use of bricks materials is always closely related to industrial style. That is why it is important to use bricks materials for this style.

For the next step, you can decorate your bricks wall with some posters and paintings. You can make a bright backdrop which displays your photos collections, such as the family photos, your graduation photos, your birthday photos, etc. This way will look like a gallery in the house so that it will give an attractive and expressive impression in the brick walls.

If you want to make the other style of the bricks wall, then you can go beyond by decorating your walls with the brickwork. To beautify your living room décor mainly in the walls, you can decorate it with some graffiti to show the atmosphere of a street vibrant. For the other option, you can combine the other textures (the rough bricks with the thin curtains). This way can make your living room more alive.

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