47 Wonderful Neutral Decoration Ideas For Your Living Room

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The minimalist concept is the most widely used in every room in the house. Neutral decoration for living room can also give you a modern look. The minimalist concept can be started with color selection. Similar colors in the colors of wall paint, furniture and room accessories can make the room look more attractive. There are many choices of colors to choose from for minimalist concepts ranging from gray, light brown, ivory, white and black. These colors are colors that are widely used for minimalist space concept that can give the impression of neat, clean and elegant. For the color of the curtains, choose a color that matches the wall color.

Carpet is an element that must be present in a neutral decoration for living room. there are many types of carpet that can be used in the room. The use of this carpet can make the living room look more comfortable, besides that the carpet can also make the room look more beautiful.

In addition, for a flower vase table decoration might look suitable, but a flower vase decoration is too ordinary. Adding art objects such as wood carvings or teapots can be added to decorate the table. Moreover, for decoration on the wall, painting can be the right choice. Choose paintings rather large so that the room does not look boring. Another alternative is to put some pictures that are placed in the frame can also help the room to look more attractive.

Placing a mirror on the wall as a decoration can make the room look more spacious. In addition, bringing the concept of nature to the room is a good idea for neutral decoration for living rooms. Choose plants that can last long without water, such as cactus, peace lily or spider lily and other plants. The addition of this plant can make the room fresher.

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