44+ Stunning Laundry Room Design With French Country Style

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Various things from French countries ranging from fashion to interior design are interesting things that are followed by many people. Many room designs that are inspired by this country ranging from room design, living room design include laundry room design. For most people sometimes underestimate the function of this space. However, if you want to design this room French style Laundry room design is the right choice.

Laundry room design utilizes the small space available to be used maximally. Usually this laundry room is combined with the sink and the kitchen which becomes one. This method can certainly use the room effectively. The colors used in the decoration of the French style are neutral colors both for wall and furniture colors.

In general, the design of a laundry room with a minimalist concept where all furniture and designs are made as simple as possible. To support the concept of a French laundry room, the use of multilevel cupboards will be very helpful to save space. Proper allocation can make cupboards can load many items ranging from cleaning tools to several clothes. For the color chosen is usually a matching color to make laundry room design more attractive.

The layout is an important thing to do for a good French style laundry room design. Small rooms may be difficult to load various items, especially washing machines. For that we need a good organization of space. For an elongated room it might be possible to put cupboards in a position that jutted into the wall. To place the washing machine, it can be placed in the opposite direction to the cupboard. Westafel can be placed next to the washing machine in the same direction.

For accessories placement in the laundry room, some motivational frames and fake flower vases can be a good choice to be placed on a shelf or the remaining space. Choose motivational words so that laundry room design and motivational words can provide enthusiasm for creativity.

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