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Winter is coming! With the cold and gloomy weather outside, your mood might also be affected. To lift your spirits up, why not decorate your home? Make it feel more comfortable and warmer, so that when you come home you immediately feel better after spending a long day outside in the cold.

The most important room in the house is probably the living room, especially in winter. It is where we cuddle up with our loved ones under a warm blanket, enjoying a warm cup of chocolate in front of the fireplace. There are many ways to make your living room feel instantly cozier during a cold winter day.

Using the right color is probably the easiest method to cozy up your living room. Winter is identical with pale color palettes, but such colors will only make your room feel even colder! Instead, add more vibrant colors. There is a reason why red and green are considered Christmas colors - they instantly create warmth in your living room, even with the raging weather outside. Red adds a fiery passion while green means nature and comfort, and both add warmth though in different ways.

Another way to add warmth is by using rich textures. Bring out all your faux fur, velvet, wool, hemp, and other “natural” materials. They do not only warm your body, but also instantly make the entire room feel warm and comfortable.

However, keep in mind that winter is not really a good time to modify your living room. It is better to start early, such as in late autumn to early winter. This is because by the time the weather is too cold, it might be too inconvenient to get the materials needed. However, some simple steps should be enough to make your living room warm and welcoming.

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Sunni Joyner