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Nowadays houses are becoming smaller and smaller. In order to make full use of all the space available in your home, creating under stairs storage system can functionalize a previously unused spot.
Another benefit of turning the space under your stairs into storage is that it also helps you de-clutter your house. With previously unused space now fully utilized, you can free up other spaces in the house. So, your living room can be used for gathering with family and friends, and not to store items.

If you are not sure about how to use it, think of what your house needs and what the area is suitable for. For example, if the stairs are in the hallway, you might want to put customized shelves or drawers there. The drawers can be used to put shoes or seasonal clothing items such as winter scarves or mittens. Maybe you want to use it to keep the small things that you find lying around at your home, so that they do not make your house look messy.

The storage idea will also depend on the overall style of your house. With the right design and modifications, the unused space can be enhanced to add an aesthetic value to your beloved abode. To add a touch of elegance, you can create a shelf where you can exhibit your impressive book collections, or your antiques. For a minimalist house, you can turn it into an extra closet space, with just a few shelves and an elegant, clean white closet door.

There are many ways to utilize the area under your stairs. From shelves to wardrobes to storage, the only limit is your creativity. Even if it’s just a small space, if the space is used efficiently it will really help you enhance your home.

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Sunni Joyner