30+ Beautiful French Romance Through A Poetic Setting Of Antiques And Shabby Chic Furniture

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The Shabby Chic design applies a soft and lovely atmosphere that make it different with look from other vintage design. No wonder fans of this style are women. This style is a unique way of romantic decoration.

Shabby Chic’s interior design uses a selection of furniture that looks old and shows signs of wear and feminine interior accessories.

This style first developed in England and France, reviving the type of decoration that is often found in rural homes, which usually use old-fashioned sofas, curtains, and old paint. The outcome of the Shabby Chic design is an elegant overall effect. Recycling old furniture and old fabrics is an important aspect of this look. The interior of Shabby Chic itself is considered a work of art.

One element that can define the Shabby Chic style is slipcovers. They are usually used for sofas or chairs. You can also coat other furniture in your home, starting from the headrests, ottoman tables or chairs. Choose a cheap, lightweight fabric with a pale color or a slightly faded print motif.

One element that can define the Shabby Chic style is slipcovers.

The furniture used in the Shabby Chic style is mostly furniture that looks outdated. You can also get the impression of obsolescence or shabby from new furniture by sanding your furniture.
Glossy furniture surfaces should not be used in this design style. Use furniture that has a matte finish on wood or metal, with a few scratches. Outdated furniture with patina can also help create an intimate and comfortable atmosphere in the room.

If you want to create an atmosphere of Shabby Chic, maybe a flea market or second-hand shop can be your choice of shopping. Used items can bring a shabby atmosphere to your home. You can use old chairs, worn doors or windows, and old wooden frames to become accessories. However, it should be noted in its use so that the interior of your home does not look like a collection of used goods.

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