29+ Awesome Diy Hanging Shelves Ideas To Maximize Storage In A Tiny Space

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One of the greatest challenges in a modern housing is the limited space. The ability to optimize the use of available space is really important. One way to do so is using DIY hanging shelves.

Hanging shelves are an easy home improvement project. Whether you’re a beginner with no woodworking experience or a master crafter, everyone can create hanging shelves. They could be used as a storage alternative. They don’t take up much space. Rather, they make use of the rarely used vertical space, therefore they free up the available horizontal space for furniture and other things.

These shelves are not only easy to make. They are also decorative, so they enhance the design of your room as well. The best thing is you can find them easily in furniture stores at affordable prices.

There are various ways to assemble DIY hanging shelves. The important thing you must take note of is the suitable material for your shelves. If you are using it for heavy items such as household tools, then you need materials that can withstand great weight. You must also know the right mounts and ways to anchor your shelves.

You’ll need these to hang your shelf: stud finder, shelving brackets, screwdriver, drill, toggle bolts, mollies, and carpenter’s level. Start by attaching the longest mount into the wall, while the shorter arm is attached to the shelf. Use the right mollies and toggle bolts, especially if you need to anchor your mounts. But if you want to hang your shelf on a wall made of cement or brick, use masonry anchors for support. To prevent your shelves from shagging, place the mounts at 6 inches from each end.

After hanging your shelves, they’re ready to use. These DIY hanging shelves will help de-clutter and decorate your tiny house.

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