22+ Incredible Apartment Decorating Ideas

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Living in an apartment is tough, especially if you only have a cramped space. Furnishing it is even more difficult, since your decor ideas will be limited by leasing rules. But if you don’t decorate your apartment, it feels impersonal and cold.

Indeed, decorating your apartment can make it feel more cozy and homey. Coming home to a warm, intimate apartment after a long day does wonders to your spirits. The most important room to decorate is arguably your bedroom. It is your personal refuge, and it should be the most comfortable space in your home.

The easiest way to start decorating your room is changing the colors. Dark colors will make your already tiny bedroom even more cramped. To make it feel bigger and more airy, use light, gentle shades, such as white, grey, cream, and beige. However, even though they make your room look clean, they are also dull. But the good thing about these colors is that they pair well with other, more vibrant colors. Do not be afraid of combining the white walls with accessories and fabrics in your favorite bold colors to create an accent.

To make your room more personal you can also add accessories. Choose decorative hanging shelves. Nowadays you can easily find shelves with adorable designs that can enhance your room, but do not take up much space since they are hung on the walls. You can use them to display your trinkets and grooming paraphernalia. To find cheap and functional decorations, you can always go to a dollar store.

It’s not easy to decorate your bedroom in a small apartment, but it’s not impossible. With just a few very cheap steps, you can make your bedroom truly yours. Not only just a place for sleeping but a reflection of your identity.

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