24 Gorgeous Light Cabinets Dark Countertops

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Why do we still keep the cupboard when we can use the cabinet for making the room arrangement better? Nowadays, many people choose the cabinets for their bathroom and kitchen the most because it is great for helping them save the space and more importantly it can be used for storing things in the room.

Using the cabinet will make them easier to arrange things especially in the kitchen that can be varied and many. Although the cupboard can do this function properly, it is a little bit not too efficient in space wise. The kitchen and bathroom in the most houses nowadays come with limited space after all.

Because space matters, people are looking for the best cabinet choice that can be used for opening up the space in the bathroom and kitchen. Using light colored cabinet surely will work well for this purpose but hey, it can be too boring. All-white space with all-white cabinet may look clean but there is nothing wrong to add some dark element as well. It can provide contract look that can add extra attractiveness into the space.

So, we have the white cabinet whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom. We can bring a big difference by choosing dark color for the countertop. We can use dark wooden or marble countertop on the white bathroom vanity cabinet for example. The kitchen countertop will also look fabulous with dark countertop for work surface.

We can find a big difference because the surface will be used often for working or placing things. This choice will not only make the kitchen and the cabinet look great but it will also be useful for avoiding the dirty or messy look in the room. The dark color can also be used for accent such as for the cabinet door handle and the mirror frame. Do not hesitate to use more dark colors in your light room.

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Sunni Joyner