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Loft houses are generally synonymous with dirty and outdated impression. Some homeowners make loft as a warehouse. Some just leave it as a den of household pests. Wouldn’t it be better if the attic of the house was redesigned to be a cozy loft? It can be used as a bedroom, work and study space, even a family room. Residents of the house get extra space and attic free from mice.
Loft houses are large and have high ceilings suitable as a family room. To get rid of a dirty look, use white as the dominant room color.

In one corner, you can set the table and sofa with shades of chocolate. While in the other corner, there is a playing area. This simple cozy loft doesn’t need to be given much decoration. Green plant pots, picture frames, and hanging lamps are enough.

Instead of just letting the structure of the building determine how the loft looks open. You can add it with thick glass that will give the impression of a transparent loft above your room. It will bring natural light into the attic with a maximum and also you will quickly see the night sky. However, it would be nice if the cozy loft with transparent ceilings is only used for one area in the house.

The use of transparent roofing for the cozy loft is able to provide its advantages for residents of the house. As previously explained, translucent roofs can create a more modern, futuristic, and open impression.

Residents of the house can also make savings during the day because the sun can penetrate the roof. For those who place plants in the loft, a transparent roof can maintain the survival of these plants. They can still get enough sunlight without worrying about dying from drought.

Behind the advantages, of course, there are disadvantages too. Some of them are roof material for an open yet cozy loft, which is not equipped with anti-UV. If used for a long time, it will be dangerous for the health of residents of the house.

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