20+ Stunning DIY Burlap Wall

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There are many ways to make home decorations. An attractive and unique design will give a good impression of your guests. Many types of interiors can be changed, for example, by adding your walls with burlap to give it a vintage feel. Burlap itself is a rough cloth made from jute, hemp, or other fiber. It contains strong fiber. Although burlap usually used as a sacking material such as rice or potato sacks, nowadays, people are increasingly creative in using burlap to add home wall decor.

Burlap has unique stripes and textures that add to the uniqueness of your home. Moreover, it can protect the walls from a variety of dirt or accidental scratches. In addition to decorating home walls, burlap integrated and created into attractive displays. Use available frames and attach the whole burlap, and in the middle, you can add photos or other interesting shapes to your decoration. This handle can be placed in your living room to give an exciting and unusual impression to your guest.

You can use burlap for various rooms. For example, for bathrooms, burlap drapes can give the impression of a rustic look for your bathroom. In addition to providing a beautiful impact on your kitchen, you can make a simple DIY hanging wall from the burlap.

Wreaths are quite popular, making them using burlap will undoubtedly give a unique impression, burlap made in various ways into a burlap wreath. You can use burlap wreath for decorating your door or as a decoration for Christmas if you want to make a burlap wreath only with pure material, namely burlap and a wire coat hanger. By making your wreath, you can adjust the shape and size according to your wishes and space on the place to hang. To be more interesting, you can add some ribbon accents or artificial flowers. Of course, wreath burlap will be more durable and more comfortable to maintain. There are several types of colors and texture of the burlap that you can use to beautify your wreath.

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