20+ Elegant Combination of Simplicity and Sophistication

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The concept in architecture can be interpreted as to be made into a benchmark to be approved or approved by design. In the field of architecture, many thoughts that often arise. These concepts can result from the idealism of an architect who designs an architectural work. The idea is also a unique characteristic or idealism for an architect where the concept that becomes idealism will always be brought and issued to each design so that people can quickly recognize architectural works.

A contemporary architectural concept refers to a design that is more advanced, varied, flexible, and innovative, both with any form that displays the type of material, processing materials, asymmetrical shapes, and technology used and becomes trends in the year until last year. Contemporary design showcases a newer style. Old style labeled with a contemporary design will produce a fresher and different from the custom. Contemporary Accept a combination of techniques such as contemporary, modern, contemporary classic, contemporary ethnic, and others.
Generally, elegant interior design is more straightforward or simpler and has less ornamentation but is bolder by playing a pattern.

Contemporary interior design refers to stylish colors that are bright, clean, neat, and planned. In the pictures below, you will find several contemporary interior designs that combine the simplicity of the room with sophistication. From simplicity and sophistication, you will find beauty in the layout and arrangement of modern spaces. Contemporary interior design has a balanced mix of proper lighting, metallic accents, and also furniture from wood and uses sharp lines and smooth angles to enhance the effect.

The room in the picture above uses subtle colors such as white, light brown, and dark brown that impressively elegant. This room also uses game materials such as wooden floors and ceiling gypsum. So, what do you think about this design interior? It is simpler, elegant, comfort, and good looking.

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Sunni Joyner