17+ Stunning Central Park West Penthouse

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This penthouse flat is concealed under the curved aluminum mansard roof of a Manhattan landmark construction. It had been artfully made by the prior owner from storage rooms, a one bedroom flat, and unused space in the building’s cosmetic turret. The goals for the renovation were to present ample temperate living spaces with personal retreats for a young family with two teenaged children; to optimize the perspectives into Central Park and the inside garden; to make a good working kitchen having a link to the living spaces; and to shake the eighties perception from the plan. The unique steel construction supporting the mansard roof has been subjected to make a loft-like feeling.

Working with alloy fabricator Jake Ducharme, Architecture made a sculptural curved zinc wall which houses a dining banquette; a zinc kitchen pub; and dangling steel chairs in the park-facing windows. Substantial scale metal sliding doors offer a gateway into the garden past and steel and glass doors create privacy for your own master bedroom and second degree attic bedroom while still keeping the view. Kathryn Scott Design Studio supplied elegant yet comfortable furnishings in a neutral palette to give balance to the steel and glass. Gunn Landscape Architecture worked against the owners and Foley Fiore Architecture to make an inner oasis in the center of their flat with a feeling of mild and attractiveness in any way times of year.

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