17+ Stunning Central Park West Penthouse

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Having a classy luxury central park west penthouse is the dream of every person who wants to feel the luxury and comfort of a home. This penthouse is supported by an impressive interior that emphasizes the luxury and completeness of your lifestyle support facilities. In general, luxury penthouse interiors feature luxurious accents with bright colors. Also, luxury furniture is a critical item to reinforce the impression of luxury.

The penthouse itself is a unique residence in the apartment. It is usually located on the top floor of an apartment building. The penthouse has a much larger area than other units underneath. Typically, on one floor, there are only two penthouses.

With a large area and high position, the penthouse has many advantages. We are starting from the freedom to decorate the interior, to the luxury of a beautiful view from the top floor of the apartment, which is only owned by the penthouse owner.

It does not stop there; penthouse owners also generally have exclusive access to a special elevator. Services from the apartment manager will be extra maximal to ensure the comfort of the owner of the penthouse.

Generally, a luxurious penthouse has classy interior design. For example, there is a central park west penthouse whose plan is designed in a contemporary style that shows the impression of being very luxurious and also comfortable to live in. There is also a penthouse that has impressive details of luxury created by natural wood. The colors play a role in the design of luxury penthouses. The colors used are generally bright, like reddish-brown colors that enhance the impression of luxury.

Besides, luxury penthouses are also supported by choice of luxury furniture and the arrangement of these items. The luxury items usually support the function of the facilities provided at the luxury penthouse. In general, the design of the central park west penthouse is supported by private facilities such as private theaters, fitness centers, or beauty and relaxation centers such as private spas.

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