16+ Awesome Steampunk Style Home Decor

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The lifestyle of today’s society wants a comfortable but also beautiful residence in view. Some people do renovations and change the overall decoration of the basic design of the house. Make a fresh look for your home, one of the models that can be an option is steampunk home decor.

Using a steampunk design takes you to explore the Victorian era with all the elegance. Generally, this design uses natural colors like black, brown, or wood and earth colors. But you can also use other neutral colors or other choices such as metallic tone, copper, and bronze, dark wood, or leather the interior used in classic-style steampunk design. You can also use refurbished furniture. For the interior, both for beds, chairs, tables or cabinets can use wood.

To give the impression of classic and elegant, you can change the interior of the room, such as the lights. Use a chandelier to resolve the high ceiling problem. You can also use exposed bricks to give a different impression to the room.

Add some attractive accessories such as various machine parts, or steam-powered machinery. Put a globe in the corner of your room, old books that might have changed color to brown to add to the impression of steampunk. Create a table and chair design from old trunk. Also, add some murals such as the old map for wall decoration.

You can also use some furniture made of leather, for example for chairs, sofas or footrests. If you have other accessories such as classy hats, you can also add them to add a classic and elegant impression with a copper hanger with a unique design. Give an antic accent by adding a Victorian sewing table or unique gear clock.

The design of steampunk home decor can give a different impression in your home. You can use this design for the whole room or several rooms. Besides, the historical sense that you get can be a place to find new inspiration.

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