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Masterfully and artfully made by Portuguese artist, among the very successful and talented inside designers in Europe, renowned for producing an art which is powerfully personal and liberally accessible, Casa Lapa is a personal home situated in Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. This magnificent villa unites majestically top relaxation and performance with alluring elegance, warmth and a unique style that pervades both indoor and outdoor space of your house. Vera Iachia s creative imagination and brilliant layering of visual expertise transforms the sumptuous Casa Lapa into a compelling modern function of art which preserves a hierarchical stability and ethics whilst playing with vibrant colors and beautiful materials.

Exuding a serene setting and sheer pleasure, the outdoor space of the villa comes with a stunning and inspirational personal garden with lush greenery, potted palm trees, a small yet reflective swimming pool and carefully chosen turquoise blue-colored tiles that fit chromatically that the azure-seeming water in that the turquoise-tiled mosaic pool and add extra space for the tranquil Mediterranean-styled patio. The impartial chromatic pallette of this minimalist outdoor furniture enhances the aesthetics of this blissful oasis-like garden, whose point of curiosity is that the breathtaaking natural landscape. By producing oneness with the plan of the home, this glorious modern garden becomes an extension of this luxury villa.

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