10 Exciting Sleek Neutral Apartment

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Although relatively minimal space, it does not mean that small apartments can not be comfortable and look good, you know. Just look at the sleek neutral apartment interior design that is simple, neat, and up to date. Functional factors are the main focus.

The important thing for creating a comfortable, exciting sleek neutral apartment is flexibility. You need enough space to be free and convenient in your activities. This has made the concept of an interior design minimalist apartment concept more open to a choice like the design of the kitchen and dining room, which is made public without a divider. The two places are made interconnected with each other. This arrangement will make the apartment feel more spacious.

For a sleek neutral apartment interior design, you should use natural tone or neutral colours as the base colour. For example, white or grey colours that can give the impression of relaxing in the room. The natural colour of the wood element is also able to make the room seem more relaxed, comfortable, and homey.

Apartment spaces usually have windows in one corner of the room for air ventilation and lighting. Bedrooms with large windows can provide natural light from the sun during the day. A window like this becomes a mandatory element in a small room so that air circulation remains good and the place is not damp. Open the window so that fresh air comes in in the morning or evening. Good air circulation will also make you healthier.

To create a sleek neutral apartment design, choose furniture with a sound and straightforward design. Avoid choosing furniture with lots of carvings or ornaments. Furniture with lots of sculptures tends to be more susceptible to dust and more challenging to clean. Besides, multifunctional furniture designs are also more effective in utilizing small-sized rooms to the maximum extent possible. Like the design of a multifunctional wardrobe, that does not only serve to store clothes but also a place to decorate. Not only saves space, but buying multifunctional furniture is also more cost-effective.

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